Friday, 18 February 2011

No rest for the wicked

You just get them back to skool after mid-term and what happens? - the other one decides to be ill. Is it some sort of mind-set games between them - I'll go sick this week, then it'll be the holiday, then u go sick! But what can u do - the one thing you can't check is a "sore tummy". Truth be told, she is not herself - ie. not bugging the life out of me, running hot and cold temp. and sitting quietly. So if I had sent her to skool, I would have spent the day feeling guilty! It is Friday anyway. I might get my life back on track one day!

On a cheerier note - they do make you proud - over the mid-term weekend - when the weather decided to behave itself! - she learnt to ride her bike!!! We spent all last summer using every encouraging idea we could think of to get her to learn - but this one is as stubborn as the day is long and choses to do things in her own time. So after faffing about on the bike on her own - with no stabilisers, but not actually pedalling - what did she do at the weekend - feet on the pedals and away she goes - no stopping her now. I think with this one it is a case of slowly slowly catchee monkey! But boy does it make you proud when they finally succeed. It all seems worth it! Go for it Girlie!

Seems the Spring has decided to desert us again though and there was me thinking of planting lettuces etc. Obviously, I am getting ahead of myself there - after all this is Scotland I live in!

Tomato soup and sandwiches for lunch and let's keep cosy.

Have a good weekend peeps.
over and out.

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