Thursday, 25 October 2012

Red Shoes

Hiya folksies - yes I am still out here in cyberspace.  I know I don't chat enuf.  Life seems to run past me at a rate of knots these days and I can't run fast enuf to keep up.
Well here we are - exactly 2 months to Xmas day. 
My news - don't really know where to start, so I'll just jump in at the middle and see where it takes me.  I went out today and bought myself my first pair of docs.  (Dr. Martins) - not the real deal, obvs. since they are about £70.00, but still and all Docs. they are - and what colour - nice shiny red.  And no I am not 2 years old - 2 years and a bit maybe, but I can't resist red shoes.  So what if my husband walks 3 yrds in front of me, my daughter will stand by me and my son doesn't walk these days, run mebbe, but walk not.
My eldest (son) just turned 13 last week and is now taller than me.  Sports coming out his *** - did a 2 mile cross country last week, without even breaking a sweat!.  School football team, sprinter, badminton, athletics.  Not what I envisaged 13 years ago, I have to say, but luv the boy to pieces.
My girly - Brownie Hallowe'en party tonite, school Hallowe'en party tomorrow nite. Trick or treating next week - almost catching up with me in height too! Not to mention she knows best.  Where would I be without them.
Cold today - talk of snow next week and -10 temps.  Come on here, its only October!!!  Well my feet will be nice and cozy in my red docs. even if himself won't walk down the street with me.!!
As my eldest says, YOLO - {(You Only Live Once) to the unitiated!}
When I have more time early next week, I will ramble some more - must go now, as ever too much to do - too little time.
RED SHOES wahay!!!