Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Snow again!

Well here we are at 09 March and it is snowing yet again!!! Will summer, never mind Spring, ever arrive. My daffodils are bravely trying to bloom in the back garden. My poor wee crocuses are having serious thoughts about trying to open their pretty colourful faces and the lettuces and sunflowers, I have potted indoors with the children are definitely saying no go yet. Please, all I want is some warmth along with the sunshine - I am definitely not a cold weather penguin - sorry person. Give me sunny lazy summer days any time.
On a different note - just for a change my trusty car has failed its MOT again - another £300 will have to be spent to pass it - these days it is costing almost more than the car is worth to actually keep it on the road!!
And with His birthday, then Easter and then the eldests School Leaving Dance/Prom just around the corner, I definitely need a lottery win!!
Not to worry - we are now in Lent and for the next 40 days I am supposed to give something up - how about worrying! - although I did read a funny comment in Twitter this morning - one of the people I follow mentioned, giving up paying for things for the Lenten period - now I do like that idea - but somehow, I don't really think it will wash. I will do my best to give up chocolate - hey now nothing rash here - I don't mean completely - cos that just ain't gonna happen in this life - but I will try to limit my intake - better than nothing and hopefully, will have some worthwhile results come Easter - just in time to get stuck into all the Easter EggS!
Made pancakes yesterday and my daughter declared me the best pancake maker in the world! - so now you know. Makes it all worth while really.
Please bring on the summer!

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  1. Good for you - small changes in our diet lead to big changes in our health! Sorry to hear about your car and the snow though :(