Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ain't life just grand

Hiya peeps. sorry about too long absence, but life kinda takes over ocassionally.
Baby bear off skool with flu - been a bad few days, since the weekend (thot I'd got past sleepless nites! - a yoyo didn't have a patch on me Sat/Sun nite.!), delirousness was a bit scary, bit like his sleepwalking but with added sweats and misery! but finally he seems to be a bit more like himself - still white as a wee ghosty and now has a smokers cough to beat none - but at least he is lifelike!! Needless to say the weenty is sulking cos she still has to go to skool, while her big brother gets to stay off!! - what can u do really?!

Due to having baby bear home housework has kinda gone out the window, but must get it done 2day, beds changed etc. At least I amn't required to be quiet as a mouse and constantly pouring juice and adding blankets 2day. Don't get me wrong, I do feel sorry for my wee soul, but if he did as he was told, he would get better so much quicker - must be guy thing - starting early!

Mid term starts on Friday - so gonna have them both stuck in the house, moaning about the crappy weather, "I'm bored mum" and fighting with one another over who gets to use the computer! Luv them really!!

Roll on summer. Although I find it hard to get my head round that we are halfway through February already - really time passes way too fast these days.

As to high school - have to wait til end of April to find out if placement successful. So on tenterhooks for another couple of months yet!!

Not much else to report just now. Need to go and give my baby bear a hug.

Keep cheerful. Look out for those daffodils - I just love the first signs of spring.

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