Thursday, 23 December 2010

Countdown - hours now!

OK, now it is officially time for me to panic - half my Xmas shopping ain't yet done and won't be until tomorrow in all the mad Christmas Eve rush!! why oh why do I get myself into these situations - life just kinda took over this last week and Christmas had to get put to one side so I am now on Red Alert Panic Stations.

Well at least I have some of the shopping done, the turkey is de-frosting, the fudge is made (1 present down!) - successfully, fingers crossed! But what remains to be done - I don't want to think about it too much or I will run screaming for the hills - or as much as I am able considering the g. awful weather conditions we are experiencing at present! - I am taking five minutes here, before I start the mad house clean for Christmas - since as of 2.30 I have a house full for the next 10 days! gotta luv them all really tho. I said to my youngest this morning, well are you all excited about it being nearly Christmas - I remember, when I was your age, I used to get butterflies in my tummy round about this time, thinking it was Christmas Eve tomorrow - and what was her answer re. excitement? - na mummy, don't need to get excited, I know I am on Santa's Nice List - like I say, gotta luv 'em!

Well, unlike their cousins in USA, my kids are going to have their white Christmas - and we are heartily sick of the stuff - wish we could mail it to America! but at least after 2day we don't need to struggle to get to work and school on time. If it wants to snow, bring it on and I fear from the weather forecast that it will! Looks beautiful, like a Christmas card and brings tears to your eye with the beauty, but what I would give to be able to see the tarmac!!

Well, no rest for the wicked, onwards and upwards - house to clean, kids and hubby to collect and then tomorrow to keep my cool! - but know what I like best, tomorrow nite when they are all tucked up, snuggly in bed, with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads - wrapping the presents, listening to Christmas songs, only the tree lites on, a wee glass of malt and some home made truffles and at last, I will be able to sit back, relax, take a breath and say yes, now I feel Christmassy, I will even take time out to appreciate the beauty of the moon on the (not so quite) new fallen snow and enjoy the moment, thinking back to memories of Christmases past and looking forward to the delight and twinkling eyes on Christmas morning of my own little cherubs - nowt to beat it really.

Well, no more to be said now, 'cept hope you all enjoy a peaceful and joyful Christmas and onwards to the New Year.

Merry Christmas to all.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Snow joke

Hiya peeps. well suprise surprise, the snow hits and the country grinds to a halt. 8.30 a.m yesterday morning the snow started in earnest -after last weeks 3 or 4 horrible dumps of snow and following ice, which we still haven't got rid of - and snowed for 7 hours solid! never seen in my lifetime. I phoned the skool at 11.10 a.m to ask if it was closing early, and was advised that yes as soon as you can get here, you can take your kids home. I left the house at 11.15 - got to the skool at 12.30 via shanks pony - a journey that normally takes 20 mins max. in the car!!! I passed 4-5 cars just abandoned. I was walking in the tyre tracks on the road, the pavement was impassable - wading through sno drifts of 1/2 foot deep - no fun. Once I finally got the kids - then took 2 hours to get back home again! - 3 hour round trip for a journey that is normally 30 mins! Better half took 2 hours to get home from his work. Then 1.5 hour to dig car in to park it!!!
Skool closed today - in fact I think whole city is closed down! - husband home. Not much chance of putting my feet up 2day!
Xmas shopping still to be started and Christmas only 3 weeks away - HELP.
Tree up, but still finding it hard to feel Christmassy - even tho it looks like a Christmas card out the window. I HATE snow. It is official!!! and this is only the beginning of December, another 3 months of winter yet!!!
No chocs on Christmas tree - this a major omission - not much chance of getting to the shops to get any - even if the shops are open. Still to get Turkey! and those dreaded brussels sprouts! Cards sitting waiting to be posted. Do you think its possible to postpone Christmas? No didn't think so.
This weather has got to give us a break so that, even more than usual, I can rush about like a mad thing trying to organise Christmas.
Will we get to the Christmas Panto next week? I hope so, then I might start to feel Christmassy - oh no you won't, oh yes I will!
Bing Crosby had it all wrong - I'm not dreaming of a white Christmas - I'm dreaming of summer sun!!!
Please just lose this weather for next three weeks - then when the kids are on their Xmas break - then is the right time - then we can all relax and enjoy it and Santa will be happy too!