Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring & sorry

Has is really be just under a year since I last blogged. Sorry peeps.

Life just kinda ran away with me last year and only now are we returning to normal service.

Hey its SPRING - I just love the freshness and new promise of spring - warmth, bright colourful flowers, buds on the trees and dreams of a long hot summer - well one can dream huh?

Well where to begin? My eldest is at Secondary as you all know and luving it - its a cakewalk for him - I worried that it might be hard work and kinda scary - who am I kidding - proud isn't the word where he is concerned - top marks in this, top marks in that, A team in the school football team, scoring X amount of goals, running track times - yeah yeah, so he beats S2's. Just can't help but luving him.

My little one - hey mum I want to do street dance - check out this move - fair blew me away yesterday and confidence by the bucket. Luv her to bits. So jealous of her long legs and gorgeous hair - its just as well she's mine!

Kids gotta luv them.

Hey I got a new washing machine for free sort of - the old one was knackered - parts obsolete and cause we were paying a maintenance agreement, so no call out or parts charges, we get a new for old machine - and this one is mega - 7kg drum - enormous. Even I can't overload this. And quiet! - I have to keep checking its on!!! To say I luv it might seem a bit excessive! And hooray, my OH finally decided at the weekend to lay the kitchen floor for me after XXX months of living with bare floorboards - looks great - shame about the units, but hey we can't have everything.

Plumber coming to fix my knackered toilet tomorrow.
Life moves on apace.

Kids off for Spring break in 2 weeks - can't wait to not have to drag myself out of bed at 6.00 a.m. every morning for 2 whole weeks - bliss.

And I have my summer holiday booked to look forward to - admittedly just in good old Blighty and not abroad as we originally planned - but hey its a holiday so whats not to luv.

Can't help smiling - but don't want to jinx things just happy cos its Spring at last.

Will try and be it bit more blog concious over the next few weeks if there is anybody out there who actually reads my ravings.

So Happy First Day of Spring everybody and keep smiling.
Lol :)