Thursday, 16 June 2011

School Prom !! Help!!

Hiya peeps. Long time no speak. Well we have finally reached the culmination of 7 years of primary - the school prom is tonite. I have promised to be on my best behaviour and no tears will issue from my fisog. The limo has been hired, all the smart clothes and shoes bought and now we just wait til 7.00 p.m. Well I say all the smart clothes - he has decided to tell me at 8.00 a.m this morning that he wants a jacket to wear now too - not just the waistcoat that he was adamant that was all he wished to wear for about 3 months since we first started discussing this and trying to convince him that the pair of black leather shoes are not too big!!! - simply because he has lived in trainers for the past 3 years!! But as I say - hopefully will manage to get him a jacket today and I promise I will not cry when I see my baby all dressed up smart like a grown-up!!!
He can't wait to get to secondary school after having been at his induction days - needless to say tho there is a list as long as my arm as to what he must have for secondary!! Oh to return to the simple days of primary. This is the next big step in his life - he will be walking to and from school - be home before me, some days, - when I have to pick the wee one up from primary which finishes later than secondary on 2 days out of 5. It seems like just yesterday I was buying his uniform for primary one and his little SpiderMan Lunchbox and he looked so brave heading out into this big new world!! Time passes too quickly!!!
Summer - where is it??? - We are coming up to the summer solstice next week, and I am still waiting for the long hot nites when you can't bear to have any covers on the bed. I have bought all these wee skimpy tops and flip flops - chance to wear them yet - ha ha.
Skools out next Friday for 7 long weeks - maybe the summer is waiting til then?!!
Next birthday coming up is for my little girl - and what does she want - a mobile fone! - how times have changed - growing up too fast in this life.
Hubby on the mend after his major op. itching to get back to being the boss, but still tiring easily.
Will my life ever settle down into mundanity again?
My sunflowers and lettuces aren't event getting a chance to sprout properly yet - still making a valiant effort, but struggling - this time last year I had a bounty of lettuce and fruit coming on - still waiting!!
Sorry today is a kind of mixed up posting - bit like my head just now.