Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Surprising Finds

I am not a great gourmet or foody, but I do know what I enjoy.
Normally, when it comes to Farmers Markets, I tend to run round them with a quick dismissive glance at the stalls and think over-priced but not really worth the time. Well I have proved myself wrong!
At the weekend, purely because it was in a very handy local position, we went to a Farmers Market at the Avenue Shopping Centre, on Sunday morning and boy, am I glad I did. The usual eclectic gathering of stalls, but not horribly busy, so we had a chance to browse.
Firstly, Cedar Cottage Country Foods - where we spent £20 on fresh meat - but boy is it worth it - simple foods like smoked Ayrshire bacon, square slice (Lorne) sausage and link sausage flavoured with leeks - and every one of them delicious and what real fresh meat should taste like.
Next stop - now this one I have to say is quite off the wall, but blew me away - Home Ground Coffee Ltd. - now I do enjoy a good cup of coffee, usally quite strong - tried a couple of samples of this guys coffee - not your usual blends that you find in supermarkets, but different beans that he sources and grinds himself - the one I bought, Nicaraguan - quite strong but my oh my - sent me to a happy place - couldn't help smiling when I was drinking it, and boy the buzz it gave me - dare I say it - better than chocolate!!! A very nice coffee that is well worth savouring.
And last but not least, again I do quite enjoy strong flavours, but not overwhelming and here Inverlochy Cheese have won me over - the Lazy Ploughman - cos I do enjoy a cheddar ploughmans when we are out for a pub lunch - mature cheddar cheese, so creamy and milky it transports you to heavenly delight - with a sweet pickle mixed into it. Oh delicious. Bought only the one small truckle - wish I'd bought more cos the Farmers Market doesn't return for another 4 weeks and the cheese is almost finished!
Just goes to show - you can't judge a book by its cover. And I will be returning to support these traders and possibly more, on their return to the Farmers Market in 4 weeks time.
If you have a local farmers market and get a chance to try any or all of the above, I highly recommend them. My simple advice today - support the small home traders or we will lose them. Fresh is best for sure.
Sorry to wax so lyrical. Rant over for today.
Laters peeps.

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Farmer's Market experience!
    As a bonus, fruit & veg sold at these markets is generally very fresh and often organic.