Thursday, 5 May 2011


Life is never simple in this household. Sure knows how to play you a blinder. My better half is in hospital having had an operation earlier this week, but doing well and itching to get home already!. Need to get new shower installed, before he comes home - this will hopefully be done at the weekend so it will be up and running for his return. Fence between me and my neighbours has blown down and needs to be removed - part of it stil standing - neighbour is going away on holiday at weekend so my better half has given my son the go ahead to kick his football at the fence so it gets knocked into the neighbours garden for him to get rid of (as we offloaded the rest of it to the dump after the winter storms!) and other half won't be fit on his return from hospital to remove it! - so fencer can renew fence, without us having to pay for him to remove old one! - hope you got all that, kind of confused order.
My son is going to the local High School, after all the heart-searching about putting in a placement request for the further away high school, which I did for him against my better judgement - the reply comes in saying he is getting in to local High School - 15 mins walk away - my heart was in my mouth at the prospect of telling him - and guess what, when I tell him - he is pleased!!! - he has been hoping that his placement request would be denied, apparently, for the last 2 months, (but didn't want to say after all the fuss he made about getting me to put in the placement request!) - decided he wanted to go to the local school after all! - well he got his wish - and thankfully, all his friends are going to the local school too - they all got knock-backs for their placement requests too - so everybody is happy - a lot of grief over nothing way back in January after all!!
Well, what did we make of the Royal Wedding - personally, I thought she was gorgeous - I don't care what anybody says, I loved her dress - so entrancing yet understated. As for Wills - he may not be the handsomest, he is definitely a Windsor - but I think he has got his mothers sense of humour, a bit on the cheeky side - not quite so staid as his father. I think when his time comes, he will make a good King and his bride has been well chosen. They will lead us well through the 21st Century.
Summer seems to be just around the corner - had cracking weather for the last couple of weeks and my garden has appreciated it - I now seem to have a Horse Chestnut tree growing down beside my raspberries at the bottom of the garden - must have dropped one of the kids conkers, which we religiously collect every autumn, down next to my raspberry canes and it has decided to take root - I will leave it and see what comes of it - quite novel to see! I also seem to have managed to root some brambles too - yee hah - I sneekily stole a branch from my neighbours overhang a couple of years ago and planted it next to the raspberries too. Nothing came of it last year and I reckoned cos it wasn't a proper cutting it wasn't going to take - but it would appear to have taken this year and hopefully come the autumn, I will have an abundance of brambles too. So my garden is quite fecund at present after the evil long term winter we had - so good to see everything growing and bringing life and eventual harvest to my garden - my potted sunflowers and sweet peas have started to sprout gleefully, along with my peas, carrots and lettuces and my strawberry plants are also showing new life - so here's hoping I shall have an abundance of home grown fruit and veg to see me through the next few months and into the autumn.
Never know whats round the corner do we, maybe best that way.
Well I guess the housework won't go away, so best get to it.
laters peeps

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