Monday, 22 November 2010

Nearly Time!!!

Can u believe it is only 4 weeks & 3 days to C day!!! Where has the time gone - an age old cry, but seriously the year has passed way too fast. Seems like just half an hour ago that we were rushing about getting presents, dealing with snow, Christmas parties and the like. Blink and you might miss your life passing you by!.

When you are a weenty (say 7 years old -like my daughter) you have life stretching out in front of you and you rush to fill every minute and the minutes that aren't filled are wasted, cos you are "bored", reach my tender age (... ahem) and time takes you over!

I have the other half off work 2day, so no rest for the wicked - having him home alone is worse than having both kids off at the same time! - but hey ho.

OK best foot forward Christmas here I come girded and ready to take you on with all my fearsome bravado - and a bit of frazzled and hair pulling stress chucked in just for good measure. Presents to buy (and hide - although this gets harder every year, cos they've found all the hiding places!!!), food to stock up on, lists to tick off cos yes, I am bound to forget that most important something, if it is not written down, especially at this time of year. Christmas decs to be got down from the loft, - checked for breakages, loose threads, lights working, - wreaths, and paper chains to be made. Aargh - cards to write - this comes under one of my most dreaded activities (up there with ironing!!!), cos how come all the cards seem to be for his friends and relations and I am the one writing them!!! and then comes the topper - buying and decorating the tree! - oh how I luv this bit - he always leaves the choice to me, but when we get home, I get moaned at cos its too stunted, too bushy, too tall - you name it and oh calamity he'll have to saw the trunk off it and now to decorate - funny how all the films make it look so much fun and jollity - when in reality it is cussing and fighting and loads of "I want to put this bit up" and "no thats not in the right place" etc.

Onto food - need I - oh yes - what do we have - chocolate truffles to make, fudge to make, mince pies to make, do I have enough of this, do I have enough of that, no you can't touch that its for Xmas day, oh and lets not forget the chocolates on the tree - how many times will I have to replace these between now and Christmas day!!

And in between all this, the house needs cleaned, top to bottom; old toys, clothes etc to be chucked to make room for new!

Not to mention nativities and Christmas concerts to attend and parties to get organised for.

Can all this be managed in 4 weeks? I ask you? But of course, I am Supermum - aren't we all at this time of year. Honestly, I do luv the buzz and excitement of this time, but am so glad when the big day finally comes and they are all asleep, passed out from too much excitement, e-numbers, chocolate and booze and aah, I can put my feet up - its all over for another year! But until then its onwards and upwards, teeth gritted.

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