Monday, 1 November 2010

Count down to Christmas

Hiya peeps been out of touch the last few days as had one of my babies of sick from school with really bad cough cold - no doubt the first of many for the next six months! - but here I am back again, procrastinating as usual - something I excel at! - the housework has gone to the dogs for the last 4 days what with having an "invalid" in the house and then the weekend madness of a full house for 2 days - yes it is a pigsty this morning and since I don't know where to start, I thought I'd natter here for a bit!
Well Hallowe'en was a blast round here last nite - the kids were at a neighbours Hallowe'en barbeque then trick or treating round the doors. Some haul they came back with! My doorbell needless to say was red hot! - even with random kids, I have never seeen in the locality - but hey you can't turn them away! - nearly ran out of treats! Scary!!!
So now, once Friday - Guy Fawkes is over (this year, this will be an experience in itself, as we have fireworks for the first time, and not sure how the kids will deal with the real thing - me,I'm no good with matches, so my better half is in charge of this lot - rather him than me!) we hit the major count down to Christmas - panic buying, who have I forgotten, what have I forgotten and help, is there enough food! I try to keep it toned down - after all the shops are only closed for a maximum of 2 days - we are not going under seige! I do luv the lights and cold weather and Christmassy feel, nearer the time - although admittedly, I do try to get it all done earlier rather than later - have yet to get this one fully managed yet tho. But hey ho, the adrenaline buzz is enjoyable and finally, on the big day, getting to put your feet up knowing you have succeeded yet again to keep all of them happy, all of the time (this time round anyway) makes it all worth it.
Return for further beleaguered Christmas chaos instalments in the near future, now I fear I must stop procrastinating! aw, do i have to?!!!

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