Monday, 10 January 2011

New Year, new ....

Well, here we are 2011. A whole new year ahead of us filled with who knows what.
I was listening to the radio yesterday and the dj was asking what would make 2011 a memorable year for you, what is happening in 2011 that is going to make it stand out for you.
Well what to say - what is happening this year? My eldest is going to be starting secondary school after the summer. That will certainly stand out for me - a big step forward, not least for him - it seems like just yesterday I can recall him going into Primary 1and thinking well now I have lost my baby and here goes the rest of his life - and now he is talking of his P7 Prom (as they are now calling the P7 Leaving Dance) and what to wear, can we hire a limo for him and his mates - am I allowed to ask can we stop this ride, so I can get off - no way can my "baby" be that old!!
My youngest has this year found Attitude with a very capital A and she's only 7!! - hopefully we can get this hit on the head sooner rather than later this year!! - if only for my sanity!!
Gotta luv em, don't you.
What would make 2011 special for me - well lets not think small here, how about I win the lottery, get a new car - that Ford Kuga 4x4 I have my eye on so that next winter - hopefully no! - if its as bad as this - I can at least get out the street!!
How about I write that book that keeps popping up in my mind and everybody says I should put to paper and make my million!
Not least lets get through the year, healthy, happy and with the minimum amount of grief and please bring on the Summer!!!

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  1. Good to find our a bit more about you on your blog.
    I have a 6 year old diva girl but would not have her any other way really. She makes me laugh - very like me both the good and the bad. So she is very creative but also very stubborn and can sulk/paddy for England.
    I have a boisterous 5 year old who exhausts me.
    My 10 year old is a sensitive and intelligent lovely boy.
    As for 2011, 2010 taught me to expect the unexpected as starting living with my dad, moved to a smallholding from a city and reconnected with friends from the distant past.
    Good Luck in 2011