Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Brownie disaster

Hi. Just felt like blogging - instead of talking to myself. Decided to share my brownie disaster with you.

My kids lurv chocolate brownies - I, even if I say so myself, am a pretty dab hand with the baking, so yesterday, after, my eldest suggested mum can't you make brownies - i thot I'd try my hand - got a recipe off the internet - easy enough to follow. Followed it to the letter, baked them in the oven - they came out and were delicious, chocolatey and chewey. Cut them up, left them to collect the kids from skool - got back and found aargh!! BRICKS - no seriously, Bricks - where did I go wrong - my daughter, trying valiantly to be nice to mummy said they smell sort of burnt, taste a bit chocolately and a bit burnt, and are kinda hard to bite into!!! So we tried microwaving/heating them - at least they got softer but man-oh-man kinda yuck! Left a couple for her big brother - who said no these are ok, once heated honest. But sorry no!!! - I have to remember, next time, - if there is a next time - my cooker cooks faster than recipes recommend - approx. 10 mins cut off the recipe time - and hopefully this time they will turn out. I will keep you posted. (Couldn't even put them out for the birds - somebody would have called the RSCPA on me!!!) Bad news.

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